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Sunday, 13 September 2015

OTB Opening Event 2015

Alicia M B Ballard's brief opening words  Photo: Don Dutkowski

Mayor Wayne Baldwin opening words. Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Mayor Baldwin presented Pauline Dutkowski with a Certificate of Appreciation 
on behalf of the City and a small gift for her to enjoy with Don...
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Observing from the sidelines....  Photo: Don Dutkowski

Mayor Baldwin with Pauline Dutkowski and Jean Smith/FVRL
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Lucinda Lyall/FVRL (in the back) Councillor Lynn Sinclair, seated, Mrs Baldwin and guest
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Attending guests, Alex Browne, Mayor Baldwin and Pauline
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

The Fusionistas, down to one member for the day, Katherine Siemens performing 
a contemporary tribal fusion improvisation
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Katherine Siemens -  Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Guests, Pauline Dutkowski and Mary Mikelson
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

The Friends fo the Library graciously hosted once again our event. Thank you Liz and Barb.
 Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Katherine and Dominique -  Photo: Alicia M B Ballard

Another take... Photo: Don Dutkowski

Donald and Pauline Dutkowski, firbre artist and former OTB Coordinator with Katherine Siemens multi-media artist and Alex Browne, Arts Editor PAN

Mrs and Mayor Baldwin and Alicia M B Ballard OTB Festival Coordinator

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