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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#OTBWR's: Heather Quinney / Wood Diamonds and Other Eccentricities @ WR Community Centre Gallery

“Waiting for the Tide” $250.-
12” x 12”Acrylic - Mixed/Organic materials
I love to work outside the box, challenging myself to recreate nature in its immense beauty.
Through the use of tools and materials, both found and created, I am inspired to bring forth the feeling of being 'on the beach' so that others might enjoy it.

“Neo Pavo” $ 250.- 
Acrylic - Mixed/-Assorted yarns
Cheesecloth, Gems, Cord, ThreadsMouldings paste and gel.
This piece was Inspired by the rich colours and majesty of the peacock and a fondness for upcycling what may otherwise have been discarded materials...
Imagination, creativity and an added dash of whimsy, come together in an -outside the box -fashion.


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