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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#OTBWR - Sunday's Opening @ Mikelson Mind and Matter Gallery

Outside the Box Month at Mikelson's is an addition bursting at the seams. The sun came out just in time to give us a warm opportunity to view and enjoy the beaty of art and nature in one afternoon
All our vanues are a deligh for the eyes and present a huge rang of works to please anyone, anytime, anywhere... 

FEATURING: Elizabeth Carefoot, Ashley Jackson, Valerie Grimmel, Eileen Fong, Mary Mikelson, Bob Gonzales, Anita Lindblom, Robert McMurray, Millie Meerheimb, Shirley Thomas, Elmer Gunderson, Thelma Newbury, Arnold Mikelson, David Kilpatrick and more.... Open during business hours

Photos: Alicia M B Ballard

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