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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#OTBWR's: Kat Siemens / Wood Diamonds and Other Eccentricities @ WR Community Centre Gallery

"Countess Aine" $595
Frame: 23" by 19"

Countess Aine is a Seelie court faery. Her name means splendour, radiance, and brilliance. In certain parts of Ireland, she is considered a faery queen. Her head is hand-sculpted from polymer clay, and her hair is hand carded wool that was dip dyed. She has a fabric body, adorned in original, handmade clothing. She is entirely handmade, from head to toe.

“Jesus Hominum Salvator”           $395
Kat Siemens
10” x 10”
Mixed media on canvas

This is my version of  young Jesus.
influenced by ancient Celtic illustrations and traditional religious icons, the collage consists of paper, gold leaf, graphite drawing and coloured pencil.

Elephant Dance”                     $975.-
Acrylic on canvas, vintage frame
41" X 45"                                           

When I fist saw the frame I immediately knew I wanted to paint something exotic, but didn't quite know what. While out for dinner at an Indian restaurant I saw some marvellous old prints from Rajasthan, which supplied my initial inspiration;  Utilizing colours evocative of India it resulted in this vibrant fusion of modern and old motifs.

Kat SiemensAcrylic on canvas 8" X 10"         $295.-               
Triptych    3” X 30”                                           $800.-          
I have always loved the Fae, mystical creatures of the realms beyond
the veil. In this series I have painted three undines (also known as
mermaids). Since they are considered elementals of the water, and
inhabit all of the seven seas, one lovely lady is depicted as a Celt,
while another is Spanish and the third is from East Asia.

Weimar Republic 1920s”

Frames: 9" by 11"                    $125.- 
Triptych                                    $350
Analog film. Hand-developed prints. Inspired by the mood and fashions
of Germany's Weimar Republic during the early 1920s.


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