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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#OTBWR's: Pauline Dutkowski/ Wood Diamonds and Other Eccentricities @ WR Community Centre Gallery

36” X 24” X 1” $1,200.-
Pauline McLean Dutkowski
Fibre/Textiles: Handwoven wool tapestry with felted wool on a silk background.

LIVING WATER was originally part of a hand woven wool tapestry created in 1988 as the focus of a much larger piece. It was presented by Pauline in a two person exhibition at what was then known as the Station Arts Centre in White Rock. 
That building is now the White Rock Museum and Archives. At the time her surname was McLean. LIVING WATER had a varied “life” for over twenty-five years. If only inanimate art could speak! It was returned to her recently. 
Finally, she decided to give it new life and a more contemporary appearance. The central portion of the fibrescape is hand woven using wool and metallic threads. This tapestry area depicts the flow of water. The “driftwood” and other accents are felted wool. All assembled on a base of silk. 
The term “fibrescape” is used to describe the resulting art piece created by using several different methods
of manipulating fibre. Without water there is no life in the body. The soul also needs the living water of life. 
The title LIVING WATER is taken from the book of John, chapter 7 and verse 38 


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